Thursday, April 28, 2011

Side Project: Battlestars

So I forgot I had some pictures of a few side things I’ve been working on. One of these being a group of three classic style Battlestars I purchased on Ebay. Though, to my unease after I bought them I realized they were in almost same style and look of FASA’s old Galacticas (I’ve never seen them in person, but I came across pictures of them online and their details). FASA’s were of course metal, with my Ebay purchase being resin and of not the highest caliber casting.
So  they might be bootleg which made me sad. Though I’m not sure because I looked up who produces them, and this person is also openly selling on places like Star-Rangers forums. He essentially takes the old bits and chops them up for new ship configurations and casts them. I doubt the validity of this but I don’t know if he has the rights, or what exactly the laws are in place of these. It seems on the forums (or at least when I checked a few months ago) no one was raising any fuss about it. Of course that doesn’t mean it’s right, I just don’t know if it’s wrong.
Anyway, what was bought was bought. I’d paid for them so I still planned to use them, though I’d wish I could have verified them before…

Anyway! I’ve put together two of them, and I haven’t decided if I will put together the third, or bash it into some really nice wreckage terrain. I suppose modifying them is one bonus to having them in resin. I primed them black and worked on the details with a different grey or two. I then detailed the red areas differently but similarly on each ship (to add some difference but not too much). I then made a wash of some black gloss paint and a little water and heavily dabbed the thing. Lastly I drybrushed a tiny bit to make everything pop a bit more.
Not shown are the engines, which I painted blue and added a bit of a white highlight. I’m really happy with how they turned out compared to my relatively beginner painting skills. The dabbing/wash added some interest and difference that suits the classic Battlestar look rather well. I might experiment with it more sometime.
Now all I need are suitable fighters and to pick up some Not-Cylons from a few of the lines I know of!


  1. They turned out OK, I hate when you see a post like this and it starts you think about project that stalled a long time ago, I have so many projects on the go, must resist pulling out and repainting my FSE fleet, must resisssssst. Good work Cilidar.

  2. Well they turned out to be good looking BattleStars, so I wouldn't worry about the rest of it. No one is producing official BSG miniatures, so while this is definitely a grey area, as you say the guy is chopping and changing stuff, so it may well be possible to argue that there is enough input to count as new? OTOH perhaps the kit manufacturers should be suing BSG and SW for using all their kit bits to make spaceships etc?