Wednesday, March 26, 2014


After nearly three years of absence I've finally decided to crawl out of my laziness and begin posting again! I must admit, eerie silence is certainly befitting to a blog named The Blasted Earth- However, I think I much prefer explosive blog posts to the absence of life that comes after. I have to admit, I was impressed when I logged on for the first time in ages and saw that I still had 22 followers! However, I do believe that it may be more the same button-clicking laziness that keeps my own blog roll full of the dead than people counting on my humble little blog. In either case, be you kindred spirits or blogging hopefuls, it's good to have you on board!

Here are some things to expect in the coming week or two:
  • Layout 2.0: TBE is desperately needing a new set-up, drab black with nothing else can become quite a bore!
  • A sign: I'm hoping to requisition one of my artist friends to do a blog symbol to replace the really poor looking Z'Gok capsule toy that is currently on the header. I'm currently thinking that an exploding planet would be fitting.
  • On the Horizon: My first series of theme projects will be on the concept of armies or skirmish forces you can build for just $10-$15. Afterwards, I'll be revisiting old projects and starting brand new ones!
  • Tag 'em and bag 'em: I'm revising my tagging system to be more concise and to make it easier to find specific scales, games, and other geeky things. Also: all prior blog posts before this point will be listed under "Old Stuff"; this is because they primarily won't fit the new blog style (Such as my new and improved picture resolutions! *shudder*). A new era is upon us, however, I don't feel I can give up my relics!
I look forward to having you guys (and gals!) along for the ride. May your laser cannons forever be in your opponents disfavor!

15mm Industrial Humans (Part 1)

Aside from my Lhurrg and Space Demons, I’ve been working on an Industrial World style army of humans. AS well, I plan to have them be able to double as Imperial Guard Proxies if I choose to expand them that way.
Well, here they are! I went with Rebel Minis Titan Marines. So far I bought the main pack, which comes with 21 minis, and the smaller heavy weapons team packs to augment the squads with. I have enough for around 4 squads plus a small command.
I’ve so far divided the men into squads of six, five troopers to one heavy weapon man.

I wanted a wasteland kind of look, but not a too far gone wasteland. Thus, the green splotches of grass on some of the bases.


Some of them at the start of painting. The middle was actually a free sample figure I got when I ordered, its from their EF Home Gaurd units I believe. Currently, he is the commander until I find a more suitable piece.
The two one-man sniper teams from the Heavy Weapon set.

The Prototype paint job, I later decided that I wanted to do a Brick Red and brown based scheme instead.

The soldiers, in front of a Proxie Models’ Trencher Tank that will be used for them.

I really like the look these guys started to capture as I painted them. They work well as a retro futuristic expansionists, Soldiers of an Industrial Planet, Imperial Guard from a planet like Armageddon, or a semi-advanced race from military bunkers after a nuclear war. I have yet to finish painting them all and the tanks. I still also want to include some sort of marker to indicate the squad leader; I was thinking some sort of back mounted banner looking like the halfway of a Japanese or a Roman flag.

I am hoping to make the next wave include support weapons, a better command squad, Not-Ogryn, a Not-Commissar, and maybe a few new vehicles.

15mm Trencher Tanks: Beginning

So, I finally got around to ordering one pack of Proxie Models Trencher Tank sets. I have to say, 3 tanks for $10 with only $3 shipping is an amazing deal. Proxie Models is a one man band style set up, where the designer works out of his own barn using a plastic injection machine from the 50’s. Though, the models are great for someone just starting in, and the prices can’t be beat. So far he has another type of tank, terrain, and bases that he produces.
Here are my tanks so far:

I went crazy and assembled them in under two hours, so sorry, no pictures of the sprues. Though, you can find those in the link above.
These tanks certainly are not snap fit, I had to wiggle the side tracks around until they were even, and then glue them down. Nonetheless, I think that rough and simple models like this are really fun to work with! The casting itself was pretty clean, I only had to file down certain areas to make everything look nice and sharp.
I plan to go with a red and brown color scheme to fit my Industrial Human army, since the rough WWI look of the modals really fit the army well. Some people say this looks like a model from a certain Evil Empire (wink, wink) but I’d say after seeing it in person compared to the other tank, that there are several differences and the Trencher manages to stand on its own feet (Or should I say treads?).