Wednesday, March 26, 2014


After nearly three years of absence I've finally decided to crawl out of my laziness and begin posting again! I must admit, eerie silence is certainly befitting to a blog named The Blasted Earth- However, I think I much prefer explosive blog posts to the absence of life that comes after. I have to admit, I was impressed when I logged on for the first time in ages and saw that I still had 22 followers! However, I do believe that it may be more the same button-clicking laziness that keeps my own blog roll full of the dead than people counting on my humble little blog. In either case, be you kindred spirits or blogging hopefuls, it's good to have you on board!

Here are some things to expect in the coming week or two:
  • Layout 2.0: TBE is desperately needing a new set-up, drab black with nothing else can become quite a bore!
  • A sign: I'm hoping to requisition one of my artist friends to do a blog symbol to replace the really poor looking Z'Gok capsule toy that is currently on the header. I'm currently thinking that an exploding planet would be fitting.
  • On the Horizon: My first series of theme projects will be on the concept of armies or skirmish forces you can build for just $10-$15. Afterwards, I'll be revisiting old projects and starting brand new ones!
  • Tag 'em and bag 'em: I'm revising my tagging system to be more concise and to make it easier to find specific scales, games, and other geeky things. Also: all prior blog posts before this point will be listed under "Old Stuff"; this is because they primarily won't fit the new blog style (Such as my new and improved picture resolutions! *shudder*). A new era is upon us, however, I don't feel I can give up my relics!
I look forward to having you guys (and gals!) along for the ride. May your laser cannons forever be in your opponents disfavor!

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