Wednesday, March 26, 2014

15mm Industrial Humans (Part 1)

Aside from my Lhurrg and Space Demons, I’ve been working on an Industrial World style army of humans. AS well, I plan to have them be able to double as Imperial Guard Proxies if I choose to expand them that way.
Well, here they are! I went with Rebel Minis Titan Marines. So far I bought the main pack, which comes with 21 minis, and the smaller heavy weapons team packs to augment the squads with. I have enough for around 4 squads plus a small command.
I’ve so far divided the men into squads of six, five troopers to one heavy weapon man.

I wanted a wasteland kind of look, but not a too far gone wasteland. Thus, the green splotches of grass on some of the bases.


Some of them at the start of painting. The middle was actually a free sample figure I got when I ordered, its from their EF Home Gaurd units I believe. Currently, he is the commander until I find a more suitable piece.
The two one-man sniper teams from the Heavy Weapon set.

The Prototype paint job, I later decided that I wanted to do a Brick Red and brown based scheme instead.

The soldiers, in front of a Proxie Models’ Trencher Tank that will be used for them.

I really like the look these guys started to capture as I painted them. They work well as a retro futuristic expansionists, Soldiers of an Industrial Planet, Imperial Guard from a planet like Armageddon, or a semi-advanced race from military bunkers after a nuclear war. I have yet to finish painting them all and the tanks. I still also want to include some sort of marker to indicate the squad leader; I was thinking some sort of back mounted banner looking like the halfway of a Japanese or a Roman flag.

I am hoping to make the next wave include support weapons, a better command squad, Not-Ogryn, a Not-Commissar, and maybe a few new vehicles.


  1. Hi Cilidar
    Constructive criticism - the basing and colour choices are good, I would advise to use some more highlights, especially at this scale, but pretty good all round I think.

  2. I would suggest a less busy background to photograph on. I can't focus on the minis with all that crap in te background.