Saturday, December 18, 2010

Birth of a Blog

  I’m always unsure of how to start a blog, or even a project. That’s why doing an ‘introductory’ post usually helps me get rolling. First, I’d like to talk a little about myself. I am a resident of the USA, in the state of Washington. I have only mild wargaming and roleplaying experience as of yet, but my will experience will grow as (hopefully) this blog does.
  My wargaming interests cover starship combat, groundscale, and Mecha.My roleplaying tastes match this as well. The systems I currently game with are Full Thrust (Space), Mekton (Mecha Wargaming and roleplaying), Battletech (Mecha), and Dirtside (Groundscale). I have plans to expand into  either 15mm or 25-28mm scale squad based combat. With Guncrawling being a thought as well.
Things I need to do for the site:
  • Organize the pages
  • Add links to useful sites
  • And get a banner and logo up
Since I am also new to blogging I will be reviewing rules about what pictures I can post (for reference material) as well as the other ins and outs of blogging.

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