Saturday, January 29, 2011

15mm Wargaming

If you find your way on over to the TMP forums, you’ll usually see a lot of buzz about 15mm sci-fi. It was here that I first encountered the 15mm scale; before this, I was only really familiar with 6mm, 25mm, and fleet scale starship gaming. Of late, I’ve been more and more interested in wargaming in 15mm, and I intend to start a new collection in it fairly soon.
Something that began to interest me as I read, was that 15mm seemed to be a nice middle ground between 6mm and 25mm. In 6mm you can easily have a large battlefield with lots of units, but armor is the focus and infantry squads are often confined to a single base. In 25mm each squad member is separate and the focus is on fire teams with vehicle support. The drawbacks to 25mm is that you need larger terrain, and table size for games. 15mm is attractive to me because of how it combines both of what I’m looking for in those scales, it is the right size for large games, and easy storage, but each infantry or other small unit has much paintable detail.
Budget-wise I am liking 15mm. There are a number of great dealers of 15mm sci-fi figures (as well as pretty much any other time period) and most are quite affordable. As well, I can still have squad based games, but I require less storage room due to smaller units and terrain.
15mm is also about 1/100th scale, meaning HO model railroad buildings, and most matchbox cars look rather nice side-by-side with them, opening up more possibilities for terrain and units.

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