Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Green Tide: Wave 1

Finally! After receiving them a couple of weeks ago from someone on The Miniatures Page, I've finally got some pictures of my current group of Orks/Space Orcs/Spess Urks/What-have-you. (I also got some bonus buildings when I bought them, kudos to CC for being generous)

I have 25 Orks in all currently, 5 in a command and the other 20 in two 10 Ork squads for da' boyz. While not intented to be exactly like Gamed Workshop Orks, I will be using a lot of the same terminology when setting up my force since I love the fluff so much.

I will be using them in Fast and Dirty 4.0 and have already played a test game with them. I'll do a batrep for the next game I play.

'Da Command:
Da' Boss and 'is Orks.
'Dis one luvs da' rokkets!
Da' Mek' Boy and 'is shocka' thingy
'Dis one has Dakka
'Da current Boss. You lissen to 'em, ya lousy grots!
   I loved the pose of the first one so much that I wanted to make good use of it, I figured that a rocket would look great on his back and its fits the pose perfectly. The rocket itself is a chopped down pop-up timer from a Chicken Mignon. I have several more and plan to use them as missiles and rocket packs for a later squad.
   The Mek Boy looked like it was meant to be some sort of power armor originally. I decided to sculpt a nice heavy battery back pack and add a Tesla cannon of sorts. I need to add the coils still but it has shaped up nicely.
   I didn't do much to the heavy gunner in the squad other than shave the horns on the helmet off. The current warboss is a great sculpt, but I plan to sculpt my own much beefier warboss eventually. This current boss will then probably be swapped to the role of commander for a Nob squad.
   Sorry about the lighting in the first picture!

'Da Boyz:
"Orks! Orks! Orks!"
I really like how each member of a 10 ork squad had its own sculpt. Especially since each one has so much character! Such a shame that the models are OOP.

'Da rides:
I figured my Orks would be needing to get places, and being my human army has a couple of tanks, I needed something to help shift the balance. The command squad has some anti-tank firepower, but there's only so much one squad can do!

"Look at 'dos beautiful teef!"

This is a WIP of a trukk of sorts. I had originally wanted it to be some sort of transport but it's turned into some sort of support machine as well. I bashed up two old toy cars, a semi and a dump truck, then added plasticard in layers and smaller bits as bolts to make it look proper orky. The cannon is from an old Mechwarrior clix; I want to eventually sculpt a crazy gunner on it. The tubes on the top are going to be smokestacks with cotton "smoke" coming out of it. I'm almost done with it, I just wanted to add more bits here and there detailing it. Alas, I will have to wait until I can get more super glue, this project ate up all I had left!

Lastly I am scratch-building a group of three Killa-Kans! I am working on the first one as a proof of concept for the others. So far I've used a chopped up chap stick for the main body, plus some magic-sculpt. The size is fair currently, the final ratio will be different than GWs average Kan, but it will beef up a bit more as I start paneling and detailing.

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